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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's purple and firm and shiny all over ?

Remember our New Year's Resolution? You know, the one where we said we wouldn't buy something simply because it was on sale.  Well, that particular resolution was made in an attempt to curb our (okay...EN's) impulsive spending, since it is so easy to justify a third pair of red patent heels with "but they were half off!"  What we're learning however is that sometimes it is just the thrill of the sale that is tempting, and not necessarily the item on sale.

Case in point.  This week at the grocery store EN was shopping.   Keeping away from the center aisles, which is where all the costly pre-packed and processed food is found, she scoured the perimeter of the store in search of the fruits, veggies, dairy products and meats on her list. (Hmmm....all this talking in the 3rd person is weird...I think I'll just take over this entry  - EN :) ).

So, there I was, doing a mighty good job of shopping for the items we had identified for the meals we had planned out for the week.  And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shelf full of pre-packaged eggplants...on sale.  Eggplants were not on our list.  They weren't on our list because, except for me, no one in our house likes eggplant, and even I'm not crazy about them.  But, the eggplant was ON SALE.  I walked over for a closer inspection and found that the packages included about 5 eggplants each (big eggplants!) and the whole lot of them were $1.39.  Seriously !!! Who could pass that up (well, maybe lots of people...but not me).

So, into the cart the eggplants went and I actually started to feel quite excited about the possibilities.  My mind raced as I imagined all of the delicious and delectable treats I could whip up which would make eggplant fans of my whole family.  Fried eggplant slices, eggplant parmesan, stuffed eggplant, eggplant dip...the options were endless.  And with so many eggplants, I could try them all !!!!  I may have actually been humming in the check-out line. 

Excited, I got home and immediately announced that the eggplant was on sale!  My proclamation was met with a 9 years old's "Gross", a 7 year old's "What's eggplant?" and a 40 year old's "Why did you buy eggplant?" Only the dog was excited (but then again, she's always excited). Undettered, I was intent upon using up every last bit of ... the many eggplants I had purchased...ON SALE !

Well, good intentions do not a meal make.  It has been 4 days since the great eggplant purchase.  Despite the fact that there have been 4 suppers made during that time (not to mention lunches), the eggplants remain un-used in the refrigerator.  Not being a regular eggplant purchaser, I don't even know how long these poor vegetables can keep before they are no longer edible.  But they are on my mind (obviously).  Tomorrow is a day at home with the girls - I foresee some creative culinary adventures starring the aubergine in our very near future.  Anyone wanna come over for supper?

xoxo The Tightwads (well, Economia Nia actually ;) )


  1. I love eggplants!! What time is supper??!
    But seriously, I as well, have had episodes with eggplants. I buy them with all the good intentions...Eggplant parmigiana, eggplant cooked in tomato sauce...fried eggplant...mmmm!!
    Sadly, after a few weeks in the fridge, once I realize these will never happen, into the trash they go :(

  2. Hey there Eleni... where were you tonight? EN made fried eggplant in a yummy batter, roasted a whole eggplant with garlic to make a dip, and roasted some eggplant slices to top a salad for tomorrow :) Cut into 4 eggplants tonight....only one was questionable for consumption. That's the good news. Bad news is that we've got 3 more in the fridge to deal with !