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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Enough about us!

We know. We know. Right about now you're thinking...what do you mean "enough about us"....we can never have too much of the Tightwads (hee hee).  Well, don't worry, we'll be rambling on about ourselves soon enough.  This post however is dedicated to our dear friend, who we'll call "Glam Gal" (because she really is very glamourous).  The other day, Glam Gal told us that her 2011 resolution is going to involve huge savings ! (even though this is NOT her motivation).  Glam Gal has decided that this is the year she stops smoking !!!!!!!!  Whoopie!!!!

Glam Gal cites the obvious health benefits as her impetus to quit.  As health care workers we couldn't agree more that this is THE biggest reason to quit this stinking (literally) habit for good.  But, as Tightwads, we can't help but appreciate the huge financial benefit of butting out.  These days in Quebec a pack of 25 cigarettes costs about 9$.  According to results from the Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS), in 2009 Canadian daily smokers aged 15 and older consumed an average of 13.3 cigarettes a day. So, we can estimate that an "average smoker" will spend $4.50 a day for smokes.  A little math and that brings us to a grand total of $1,642.50 a year! Of course, this amount is for the "average" daily smoker and doesn't consider all the cigarettes that your occasional smoker friends (ahem), ex-smoker friends and cheap smoker friends, bum off of you.  Also, this amount does not factor in the days when you will smoke more than the average; days when you're stressed, happy, up really late, trying to lose that last 5 pounds (damn you cigarettes for your ability to cut a person's appetite) or just because you feel you deserve it.  That means that over the course of 20 years...a smoker will spend about 32, 850$ on a habit that makes your teeth yellow, your hair smell, your breath stink and your lungs black...seems like a silly investment. 

And there`s more! The financial cost of smoking is usually only equated with the cost of the cigarettes.  Well folks, we beg to differ.  The cost of smoking is much more than that pack of smokes alone.  Who goes to the corner store to buy cigarettes and doesn't also pick up a pack of gum or a bag of potato chips or a can of soda?  Which smoker hasn`t at least once bought a fancy Zippo lighter?  Which smoker hasn`t taken advantage of the relatively recent tooth whitening revolution to help them keep their smile bright?  Which smoker hasn`t invested in warmer- (and hence more expensive)-than-would-have-been-normally-purchased winter wear now that smokers are relegated to the great outdoors when dining out or when at work? 

So, yes, smoking cigarettes can contribute to heart and lung disease, can reek havoc on your appearance and can make a serious dent in your disposable income.  Still, we know that the habit is incredibly hard to kick (which is why people who are trying to quit spend so much money on patches, gums and drugs to help THAT is a wise investment!). So, to our Glam Gal and to anyone else who is trying to stop smoking, we tip our hats!  The road ahead will be tough... but we know you can do it.  And when you do, we`ll go out to celebrate....on you of course ;)

With much love,
The Tightwads


  1. I guess if I calculate how much I spend on coffee daily, it would be a considerable amount for the year.... But hey, it is just one cup, and a girl has to have some luxuries in life :)

  2. Kudos to your friend wanting to stop that nasty smoking habit! (that's enough $$ saved to go on a really nice winter escape vacation each year!)
    As for the coffee habit, there are so many ways to cut those costs too. A friend who is an admistrator in a hospital bought one of those fancy, brew-it-yourself-one-cup gourmet machines. Although the initial start up cost was considerable, she figures it will take her about 2-3 months to start saving money by using the coffee maker daily for her gourmet cup in lieu of going to the local 'cafe' for a 5$ cup o' java. Need I mention time & gasoline costs saved too? She is happy as a clam! (And how do we really know how happy clams are?)
    Everything has to be considered for it's cost vs. psychological benefit in Eleni's case for coffee. Which beats many of the other nasty habits one has a tendency to pick up as life goes on...(for instance, like some people wanting to sleep with the artist formally known as Prince... but I digress!)

  3. oh yes TobyFann, believe us...we too can appreciate the psychological benefits vs. cost in some cases. Actually, funny that you mention your friend and that fancy coffee maker. We were lucky enough to have a donor purchase one of these one-cup java makers for the unit, along with tea, coffee and hot chocolate. It is amazing!,and in the long run, definately a money saver. Eleni, I suggest you invest !
    As for EN's "nasty habits"....darling TobyFann....some things are priceless !!! :)