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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girls only ! Seriously!

No, seriously probably don't want to read this post.  In fact, Frugal Freddie has left the room. But before he made for the exit he made me promise to be quite clear that he had NOTHING to do with this entry...and in fact, he is very uncomfortable with the whole idea.  Truth be told...his reaction makes me giggle.

Let me start by saying that there are certain things that I just really hate spending money on, but I do because...well, there is no choice.  When I really think about it, I do not appreciate having to spend money on toilet paper, garbage bags or paper towels.  I hate it in fact.  These items are typically no fun, expensive and so darn practical.  I also really resent having to spend at least 12$ a month on other un-fun, expensive and practical items....every month !!! (do you see where this is going ladies?).  No matter how pretty the packaging or how cute the name or how "designed to fit" they are, tampons and pads are costly, and menopause is the only end in sight (with pregnancy being a temporary reprieve).  Or is it????

In a health clinic many years ago one of the patients I was seeing spoke to me about her "keeper".  She described it as a cup that is used to literally collect menstrual blood. (For any males that didn't heed my advice...don't say I didn't warn you).  I listened politely, thought she was crazy, imagined her sitting around a fondue pot singing Kumba-Ya, and never gave it another thought....that is, until about 3 months ago.

At that time a dear friend (who has begged to remain nameless) and I were discussing menstrual issues, like unreliable tampons and bulky pads.  Well, I was discussing...she just sat there smiling sweetly and then said "You should try the Diva Cup".

"The Diva Cup?" I replied quizzically.

"Yes" she responded.  "It is fantastic".

"Why, tell me more," I begged.

It seems that my anonymous friend has been using the same sort of contraption that my hippie-like patient was talking about so many years ago.  A keeper by any other, well, cooler!  "Diva Cup" sounds so much more inviting than "keeper", so after asking her about it I thought...I should try this!

Let me tell you lady friends (and any males who just can't stay away) is revolutionary! No matter what they are called, menstrual cups have been around for a really long time...but they seem to be the menstruating world's best kept secret.  A secret no doubt protected by male tampon making tycoons!  So, in the likely event that you have not heard of, tried, or thought about using the Diva Cup, I'm here to tell all!

First, the cost (of course).  A Diva Cup, which you can find in most pharmacies, (often hidden behind the bulky boxes of pads), costs about 37$ (at least that's how much I paid for it). It comes in two sizes, and the size you choose depends on your age and whether or not you have had a child.  It is recommended that you buy a new one every year.  Quick calculation: if you spend 10$ a month on period supplies (and really, we all know we spend more than that) then you are spending 120$ annually.  The Diva Cup has already saved you over 80$ a year!  Add to that the bonus of knowing that you aren't polluting our already polluted earth with disposable products. (Hmmmm, come to think of it, have you ever noticed how smart financial choices are also smart for the environment?  A future post topic I think.)

When I have mentioned the Diva Cup to a few people the responses have ranged from "cool" to "ugh...gross" to "um..yeah...but I could never do that".  The that being referred to is the actual insertion and emptying of the cup.  You really do need to be quite comfortable with your body in order to do this right.  But I say, if you're not already...what a great reason to become comfortable!  Let's face it women, we let our doctors and lovers poke around down there...why not ourselves??? 

Even if you are incredibly at ease with your body, using the Diva Cup can take some practice but don't worry, when you buy the cup it comes with detailed instructions in the packaging.  My first month was good...but not great.  Second time around, with a little tweaking...much easier, much better! I'm sure that month three will super!

You may be surprised to know that inserted properly, the cup is really comfortable - so comfortable you don't even remember that it is there.  And, unlike tampons which should be changed a few times a day, the Diva Cup can be emptied as infrequently as twice in a 24 hour period (tee hee). And... no more fretting because you've used the last tampon in your purse.  And... no more realizing that "super protection" ain't always that super !

So, that's it lady friends....I hope that I've given you something to ponder. I've included a link to the official Diva Cup website, where you can get more information... in case my testimonial isn't enough! 

Happy bleeding,
Economia Nia
a.k.a. Mrs. Tightwad :)


  1. I don't know about this! I think I will just stick with my trustee pads :)

  2. Stopping by from Canadian Moms, and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.